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Kayla Douglas Artistry

Enochian Wings ™️ with Adjustable Corset

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The Enochian Wings are a new style of wings crafted by Ric Lewis - Engineer of KDA Wings. These triple wings have a bendable middle wing, allowing the wings to move into different positions for photos.

Featuring a corset back just like all KDA Wings, these wings can fold in half and fit into a Kayla Douglas Artistry dress bag for easy travel and storage.

Wings weigh less than 5 pounds and are super comfortable.


Due to the custom nature of all Kayla Douglas Artistry creations, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Photoshoots are often a liberating and empowering experience. These intimate
photo sessions celebrate beauty and confidence, while fostering a sense of self-love and
genuine acceptance. And here at Kayla Douglas Artistry, we want to help people express
their inner beauty with artistic vibrance that embodies both strength and
That’s why our custom-made angel wings help unleash your inner charisma and
self-expression in bold, forward-thinking new ways. And for our skilled photographers
that use them in their photography, they can help connect them with clients in
exciting new ways. Perfect for stylistic photoshoots, elegant parties, elaborate Halloween
costumes, and other unique events, you’ll love adding these custom angle wings to your
Crafted with premium materials to ensure flexibility, durability, and comfort our
lightweight angel wings can be shaped and molded to fit your look, size, and style. And
because each one is handmade they’re truly a work of art that embody dedication and
craftsmanship you won’t find in standard angel wing costume work.
Check out our entire line of wings—including Seraphim, Cherub, Enchanted, Phoenix,
Goddess, and so much more—and find the perfect pair of big, beautiful, flowing wings to
match your style, look, or event. And photographers, make sure to collect multiple pairs
to give your clients tons of options to choose from when it’s time to take their boudoir
photos to a whole new level.
You deserve to feel beautiful and empowered. Choose Kayla Douglas Artistry angel
wings and see why we offer the best options, best colors, and best quality available
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Key Product Features:

Enhanced Flexibility and Resilience
These custom-made angel wings are all hand-crafted by a professional couture designer
and an engineer who helped co-create our patent-pending design. This ensures each one
is beautifully unique and vibrant, while offering long-lasting durability and wearability.
Comfortable Corset Lace-Up Backing
Perfect for every boudoir photoshoot our angels’ wings feature a corset backing that
allows you to find just the right fit no matter your size. This ensures a more comfortable
fit that moves with your body and helps you capture gorgeous pictures in every shoot.
Inspire Self-Confidence and Self-Love
Whether you’re getting these angel wings for costume or prop purposes for yourself, or
you’re a photographer providing clients with designer looks for their photoshoots, our
costume angel wings empower people and make them feel sexy, desirable, and beautiful.
Important Details:
 Custom-Made Designer Angel Wings
 Flexible, Engineer-Designed Durability
 Soft Flowing Feathery Designs
 Adjustable Corset-Style Backing for a Universal Fit
 Heavy-Duty, Long-Lasting Design (Patent Pending)
 Available in Multiple Sizes, Colors, and Styles
 Dimension

Enochian Wings ™️ with Adjustable Corset

Regular price $2,100.00 USD
Regular price Sale price $2,100.00 USD
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