MiMi Fulton

Professional Model and Creative Entrepreneur

MiMi is a model based out of Philadelphia who has been modeling since 2015. Her first three out of four shoots were published and this was the start of her love affair with modeling. She has been published in tattoo, glamour, and fine art magazines, all displaying her versatility with her looks and styles. She has graced the cover of 49 magazines during this time (including newsstand AND International newsstand magazines!) She has been the subject matter for many artists (not just photographers) such as painters, fine art creatives, and tattooers all over the world. Her love for the tattoo industry has been strong since she worked in shops for twelve years. She has been collecting tattoos for over 25 years (with no plans to stop in the near future!) MiMi hopes to continue modeling long into the future as an inspiration and muse to other tattoo collectors, tattoo artists, models, photographers, and all types of creatives everywhere.

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